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Asteroid Belts are regions in star systems that usually reside between planets. These belts exist in multiple star systems.


Kerbol System

There are two asteroids belts in the Kerbol System. The inner belt resides between the orbits of Duna and Jool. The maximum inclination for an asteroid is 20°.

The other one (the outer belt) resides outside the orbit of Naal up to the orbit of Hypat. The maximum inclination here, is 30°.

Kirb System

There is an asteroid belt in the Kirb System between Ilve's orbit and Mirn's orbit. It is a little less dense than the one around Kerbol, with a maximum inclination of 25°.

Kelin System

There are two small asteroid belts that reside in the Kelin System. One of them is between the orbits of Esle and Alva, and the other is between the orbits of Blalo and Elno.

Kernim System

Around Kernim, there is an asteroid belt between Narath and Dunem. It is much more sparse than around Kerbol or Kirb, and the maximum inclination is about 10°, making it easier to get an asteroid there than around Kerbol.


Kerolon System

Around Kerolon, there is an asteroid belt between the orbits of Aquel and Mesmo. This one, although less dense than around Kerbol, has a higher inclination, with a maximum inclination of roughly 30°.

Kelnis System


Kerbos System



  • The Asteroid Belts are the only regions players can pick up unidentified objects, or asteroids, and capture them, requiring much more fuel to reach an asteroid than in stock KSP.