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Avor is the second planet in the Kelnis System.

In-game Description

"Avor may have once been a world more like Kerbin. However, over millions of years, its close proximity to Kelnis led it to becoming much more of an Eve-like world. As a result, Avor is covered in a dense cloud layer and a thick, soupy atmosphere. Visiting Avor would help to learn about its past!"

Physical Characteristics

Avor is a planet that once hosted surface temperatures suitable for supporting liquid water. However, as Kelnis exited the protostar stage and began the main sequence, the planet became too hot and irradiated to be called habitable. It underwent a greenhouse effect and is now much more Eve-like today.




Avor Biome 0.7.2

  • Lowlands
  • Midlands
  • Highlands
  • Tectonic Faults