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Community Rules

  1. Only Grammatical Edits Allowed: Most users are not allowed to post/add content to the wiki. If you want to add content, contact one of the moderators (StarCrusher96, TheSpacePotatoe). Only grammatical corrections are allowed without asking permission from the KSS Team.
    1. With grammatical corrections, up to 5 edits are allowed per day (for each user) to reduce activity.
    2. In the event a non-moderator makes a non-grammatical edit the moderators have the right to remove the edit if it's deemed unfit.
  2. Comment in the Right Place: Feel free to post stuff about the mod in the comments, or make a discussion asking questions or giving advice/missions/challenges. However, installation and support related questions should be posted on the forum page. Suggestions for new features should be posted in the ideas and suggestions page. Comments that are not added in the correct areas will be relocated or deleted within 24 hours of posting.
  3. Watch Out For Spoilers: Some of the pages and categories (secret pages, the "Life" category, etc.) can reveal things that are better off finding out about in-game rather than here.
  4. Proposing New Features: Please read the Planned Features page, particularly the "Inconsiderable" section before proposing new features to the developers. Please try to be patient with your requests.
  5. Keep it Friendly: Misconduct in the chat, foul language, unrelated content, spam, and inappropriate page edits are not allowed. Repeated infraction will lead to permanent ban.
  6. Rule Breaking: Breaking one of the rules will be met with a warning on first offense, then a 1 day ban. Ban time will increase for every offense.

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