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Hypat is the KSS equivalent to Planet Nine, a theoretical planet which has been proved using the power of Math. It is an ice giant, but a lot of its gases have frozen solid due to the extremely low temperatures. It is the farthest planet from Kerbol in the Kerbol System. Hypat is believed to be the planet causing Naith's and Hal's orbit to gain a high eccentricity and inclination.

In-game Description

"Hypat is the most recently discovered planet in the Kerbol System, found when kerbal scientists theorized a large planet must have altered Naith’s orbit from a circular orbit to a more eccentric orbit. Hypat is an ice giant, and it is cold enough that all heavier gases in its atmosphere have frozen solid, leaving only the hydrogen and helium envelope on the outside gas layers. Kerbonauts are always eager to plan a mission to Hypat to have the opportunity to lay eyes on the most distant planet from Kerbol in the entire system."

Physical Characteristics

Hypat is the farthest and coldest planet in the Kerbol System. It is an ice giant, like Oran and Naal, but much colder.

Brightness of Hypat at it's apoapsis.

Brightness of Hypat at its periapsis


As described before, Hypat is an ice giant, like Oran & Naal. It has developed a pink atmosphere, which scientists say is a result of the heavier gases, like methane & ammonia freezing, leaving only a thinner Hydrogen & Helium envelope around the rocky core.

Orbit and Rotation

Hypat is the only planet in the Kerbol System to have an inclination more than 10 degrees. It is also the farthest known body from Kerbol, meaning it is also the one with the longest year.

Hypat's orbit is so large that it can be traced out easily from other star systems ie:Nova Kirbani.


As of 0.7, Hypat has 1 moon, Ilum. According to the developer, StarCrusher96, Hypat is expected to get more moons in the future.


  • Due to Hypat's high eccentricity, inclination, and semi-major axis, many scientists have hypothesized that Hypat was actually an exoplanet that was captured by Kerbol billions of years ago.
  • The best time to visit Hypat is when it reaches the periapsis, due to the better views and less fuel needed.
    • However, waiting for Hypat to reach its periapsis takes far too long (a few thousand years). In this case, it is better to just approach Hypat whenever.