This page guides you through the installation process of KSS. KSS is not CKAN compatible so you must install every step manually.

To play KSP with KSS, you need:

  • More than 4Gb RAM, 8 is the minimum. (It can work with 4 but it's not advised)
  • Some time during the initial loading. Starting KSP with KSS can take some time, depending on your computer specs.


To play a planet mod you need Kopernicus (version that matches your KSP version), ModuleManager and ModularFlightIntegrator. You can download them from the Kopernicuspage on the KSP forums. ModuleManager and ModularFlightIntegrator are included in the kopernicus download.


- When Kopernicus updates, it can occur that KSS is broken. Just install the previous Kopernicus version to fix this until KSS updates.

STEP 1.1: KSP and Steam

  • If you use KSP on Steam and a KSP update is coming, copy KSP out of Steam and launch it from the new location. When the KSP update arrives Kopernicus will break because it is version-locked to KSP, and then you have to wait (however briefly) for the matching Kopernicus update. Please be patient and do not complain to us. This is simply how things work.
  • To disable Steam updates or install older KSP: Open Steam > right-click KSP in the Games column > Properties > Betas tab > Select "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" or "previous - x.x.x"
  • If you run KSP outside of Steam, this copy of KSP will not receive the update, and Kopernicus and KSS will forever continue to function.

STEP 2: KSS_Core

To install KSS you need the KSS_Core part. Without it, KSS won't even work! You can download KSS_Core from the Github page or on CurseForge. Download links are provided on the forum page.

KSS_Core includes 2 folders:

  1. Gamedata (just move the content into your GameData folder), it contains:
  • Revamped Stock Celestials (will become optional in the future)
  • Stellar objects
  • Asteroidbelts
  • New parts
  • Compatibility patches
  • more ...

-> You can find more info about these changes on this wiki.

2. Optional (open this folder and pick the optionals you want, this by opening the selected feature's folder and dragging the content also in GameData. Optionals available:

  • GPO secondary (*you only need this when you use the mod GPO)
  • Icons (adds fancy icons yo your map / trackingstation view)
  • Show SOI (shows the sphere of influences of star systems - FPS impact!)
  • Tropical Laythe (replaces icy Laythe by a more stock alike version)
  • Visual_Comettails, Glowing Lava
  • Visual_SkyBox


The 'KSS' folder needs to get into your GameData folder.



If you want celestials around some of the stars, you need to download them seperately. You can find them on the Github page. Because KSS is modular, you pick your starsystems. KSS is a RAM consuming mod so if you have less than 8 Gb, you can only combine KSS_Basic with 1/2 systems, depending from if you're going to use visuals or not.

You can pick from:

  • Extended Kerbol System
  • Nova Kirbani System
  • Kerolon System
  • Kelnis System
  • Kormin System
  • Karkua System

-> You can find more info about the systems on this wiki.

Each star system addition includes a KSS folder. They all need to go into the Gamedata folder.

To be sure you installed the systems right, go to KSS/Celestials and check if there is a folder from the selected star system.

STEP 4: VISUALS (optional)

Now to get KSS with some epic visuals! This step explains how to get EVE clouds and Scatterer installed. It is recommended that your PC have more than 8 GB of RAM to attempt this.

STEP 4.1: EVE clouds

Download an install EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements. All the settings are already in your KSS_Clouds folder. Keep in mind that if you want to de-install a star system, you need to delete the cloud settings as well!

STEP 4.2: Scatterer

Download KSS_Scatterer and install it. If you want to be sure, there should be a KSS_Scatterer folder inside your KSS folder. For those who work with alternate shaders. Some celestials might look black in map view. Nothing can fix this.  

STEP 4.3: FlareReplacer

Download the mod FlareReplacer to fix lag caused by Scatterer. FlareReplacer changes the less interesting stock flares with fancy ones. By installing FlareReplacer, KSS will use the flares of FlareReplacer and disable the Scatterer ones. BUT planetary atmo shaders and nebula's will remain visible.  

STEP 4.4: Instantiator

Download this mod of you want accretiondisks in KSS. Allthough the mod is listed to be compatible with KSP 1.3, it works on 1.4.5 too.


-- picture needed

Known Issues

  • KSC is 'frozen', day-night cycle broken. This is a known bug caused by moving Kerbin to another star. Yes KSS did this! Nothing can fix this.
  • KSC is glitching in and out the landscape. -> zoom out or change the angle to temporary fix this.
  • Clouds do not show up in main menu. Just a small bug with EVE and Kopernicus. Not a big deal. Nothing is broken.
  • Scatterer's effects do not show in main menu. Again, normal. Nothing is broken.
  • Scatterer's effects do not show up in the tracking station after accessing it from the KSC. For some reason this happened when I moved KSS to 1.4.2. It appears this   is normal and Scatterer DOES work however when controling a vessel.
  • Sometimes KSC will appear flooded. This is normal and also because of Scatterer. Nothing is broken. A quick scene change will fix this.
  • Running game in dx11 causes terrain textures to be pinstriped + Scatterer shaders don't look as good as without dx11.
  • Orbit lines jump around when zoomed out to outer planets in map view and tracking station. It's stock bug made more noticeable by Kopernicus.
  • Solar panels may track the wrong star. Let them track the right one.
  • The KSS engines are a little whobbly -> They'll get improved