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Karkua is a distant black hole. For decades kerbal scientists thought Kerbol orbited Karkua, until later other measurements and precise calculations showed that Kerbol was not gravitationally bound to Karkua.

In-Game Description

"Karkua is an extraordinarily strange object, being classified as a black hole, an object with such a massive gravity even light cannot escape it. Karkua has been designated as a “supermassive” black hole, meaning that its mass is millions of times greater than Kerbol, allowing it to hold a galaxy’s worth of mass around it. Karkua was originally believed to be the center of our local regions of stars, before scientists found out that Karkua was also orbiting something."


Karkua is a supermassive black hole, weighing in at 4 million Kerbol masses. This means that Karkua likely was once the center of a globular cluster or some dwarf galaxy, which was either stripped away or consumed by the black hole over time.

The bright halo that surrounds Karkua is the result of invisible bands of subatomic matter colliding with itself at relativistic speeds next to the event horizon of the black hole, emitting radiation in the form of high-energy cosmic rays (gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet) as well as visible light. The source of these bands is the high concentration of interstellar hydrogen in the vicinity of Karkua, drawn in by the black hole's immense gravity. Despite many misconceptions, Karkua does not act like a vacuum cleaner. Any object can orbit Karkua, given that they are beyond the event horizon.

Due to hawking radiation, Karkua has an estimated life expectancy of 1.34*10^87 years (that's 134 followed by 85 zeros). For comparison, the age of the universe is only 13,820,000,000 years. Karkua's predicted lifespan is longer than the age of the universe by 77 orders of magnitude.


  • Karkua is based on Sagittarius A* , a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.
  • Karkua will be one of the very last objects to die out in the entire kerbal universe, far, far into the future.
    • This excludes bodies not studied enough, such as The All and The Creator.