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Kelaris, the gem of the northern sky of Kerbin. Aligned nearly perfectly with the geographic north pole of Kerbin, Kelaris has been a navigation beacon for sailors and travelers in the northern hemisphere for millennia. It also shines as the brightest star in Kerbin's sky, making Kelaris a very prominent figure in ancient Kerbal astronomy.

In-Game Description

"Kelaris is known throughout the northern hemisphere due to its status as the famed North Star, and the brightest star in the skies of Kerbin. Kelaris is nearing the end of its life, and has already expanded into an extremely luminous supergiant. Mission planners are eager to send missions there to study the nature of supergiant stars and for the opportunity to toast bread without the need for a toaster."

Physical Characteristics

Kelaris was once a bright blue B6 type main sequence star before it exited the main sequence and became a "yellow-white supergiant" star. Because of the inherently unstable nature of yellow supergiant stars, Kelaris is a Cepheid variable. This means that it varies in brightness over time with a regular and somewhat predictable pattern. Eventually, Kelaris will become a red supergiant before its outer layers drift off in an enormous planetary nebula many times larger than the Korlon Nebula is today.


  • Kelaris exited its main sequence stage only a couple million years ago, and is expected to die in a spectacular planetary nebula in four million years.
  • The star possesses a relatively close orbiting companion, Kirlim, and a much further orbiting companion, Kerbos.