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The Kelaris System is a ternary star system consisting of two F-type (Yellow-White) stars and one G-type (yellow) star: Kelaris (F7 Supergiant), Kirlim (F6V), and Kerbos (F8V).



List of Bodies

At the moment, the Kelaris System consists of 3 stars:


Kerbos, with Kelaris and Kirlim in the background


  • The Kelaris System is one of two ternary (or trinary) star systems in the Kermes Cluster, with the other system being Nova Kirbani.
  • The Kelaris System, when seen from Kerbin, is always aligned with the north pole. This is why Kelaris is often referred to as the "North Star".
    • With Kerbin's shifting axial tilt, eventually the North Star will no longer be Kelnis, but something different.
  • The Kelaris System is the brightest star system that can be seen from Kerbin.