Kelnis (Star)


Kelnis is an extremely small red dwarf star that is just barely massive enough to sustain fusion reactions within its core. The star was originally going to be named "Kappist" after the astronomer who discovered it, but the name "Kelnis" was favored in the end.

In-Game Description

"Kelnis is an ultracool M8V (Red Main Sequence) star near the very border of how small a star can get. If it had been just a little bit smaller, it would have ended up as a brown dwarf, like Kormin. Kelnis is home to a system of seven nearly Kerbin sized planets, the most that has ever been discovered by kerbal kind. Three of those planets support liquid water on its surface, making it a very attractive destination for Kerbal scientists. The star was originally named “Kappist-1” by its discoverer, but that name was later dropped in favor of “Kelnis” instead."

Physical Characteristics




History of Observation



  • Kelnis is the smallest and coolest star in KSS, and therefore has the longest predicted lifespan of 5.5 trillion years, 550 times longer than Kerbol
  • Kelnis's projected lifespan is two times longer than the lifespan of the second longest living star in KSS: Neol, which still has a long lifespan of up to 3 trillion years
  • In the extremely distant future, Kelnis may be the last hope for Kermanity as it will outlive the rest of the stars in the KSS universe discovered so far.
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