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Kerelus is a WN-class Wolf-Rayet (WR) star. It is one of the hottest objects in the kerbal universe.

In-game Description

"Kerelus is what kerbal scientists refer to as a Wolf-Rayet Star, a stage in stellar evolution when a star extremely massive starts to fuse heavier elements like Helium and Nitrogen, while expelling large amounts of gas and heat. This makes Kerelus a prime destination for sending an unmanned probe to observe these rare stars, although sending a kerbal there isn’t recommended."


Being a wolf-rayet type star, Kerelus is incredibly hot. So hot, in fact, that anything near to it would be destroyed rather quickly. In addition, it's very small, being only the size of a large gas giant, but with incredible mass. Most of its former mass was ejected into the beautiful planetary nebula you see around it. It's also one of the most distant visible objects from Kerbin, along with Korlon, being large nebulae.


  • Kerelus is the only Wolf-Rayet star currently in KSS
  • Kerelus was based off HIP 5100's SpaceEngine stats, but in reality, HIP 5100 (Also known as WR 2) is much bigger, hotter and a ton brighter.