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Kerman's Star is a small red dwarf in KSS. When the mod Extrasolar is installed, the planets will appear around this star.

In-game Description

"Kerman’s Star is one of the closer stars to Kerbol, after the stars in the Nova Kirbani System. It was discovered by Bernard Kerman, who was tracking its proper motion at the time. He concluded it is one of the fastest moving stars in the area, being over 10% faster than the other stars around Kerbol. After the major discovery, the Kerbal Astronomical Society decided to name the star after him, which backfired after realizing everyone on Kerbin has the same last name."


  • Kerman's Star is the fastest star in KSS, with an orbital speed of 75 m/s, 10 m/s faster than Kerbol.
  • Kerman's Star is an analogue to Barnard's Star
  • Kerman's Star is one of the many stars without planets in KSS.