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Kirlim is a very young F-type main sequence star in the Kelaris System. It formed at around the same time as Kelaris did, and has more than 5 billion years left in the main sequence. Due to its relatively close orbit with Kelaris, Kirlim is not capable of hosting stable planetary orbits.

In-Game Description

"Kirlim, also known as Kelaris B, is a close F6V-type companion star to Kelaris. Because of this, scientists did not realize that Kirlim even existed until powerful telescopes were invented that could distinguish this star from the shine of its giant companion. It is also believed that Kirlim was formed a roughly the same time as Kelaris, out of the very same gaseous disk."


  • Kirlim formed at roughly the same time as Kelaris did, but will live more than 5 billion years longer.
  • Kirlim was the last star in the Kelaris System to be discovered, due to its close proximity to Kelaris.
  • There are very few stable areas around Kirlim that are capable of supporting planetary orbits. Most of these are extremely close to the star, and not suitable for habitable planets.