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Kirnel is a short period comet in orbit around Kerbol.

In-Game Description

"Kirnel is a short period comet, meaning that its orbital period around the sun is relatively short compared with long period comets, such as Minmus. Like all comets, Kirnel is a remnant of the early Kerbol system, left over from the materials that formed the inner planets."

Physical Characteristics

Kirnel is a surprisingly small body orbiting Kerbol. When it was discovered by scientists, it was believed to have been a Trans-Naal Object that was flung into the system by the outward migration of the gas planets. It was later revealed, however, that Kirnel was always within the orbit of Jool, but a close encounter with the gas planet flung the comet near Kerbol.

Scientists believe that visiting Kirnel could give insight into the early ages of the Kerbol System.


  • Lowlands
  • Midlands
  • Highlands
  • Peaks
Kirnel Biome.png


  • Kirnel is the one of 3 comets in the Kerbol System
  • Kirnel gets the closest to Kerbol out of all the bodies in the Solar System, albeit only for a part of its orbit.