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Kiro is a K2V type star that the GPP planets will surround if installed. It is in a binary relationship with a smaller M-type star: Krannus.

In-game Description

"Among all the other stars Kiro is nothing special, but it's indeed smaller than Kerbin's star, making Gael seem a little far and a little cold. Many of those other stars hold celestial bodies like and unlike the ones here... But how many of them have perfect planets like Gael and Tellumo, to play and snack outside without spacesuits? This is why we have space programs."

Habitable Worlds

The Kiro System contains two habitable worlds and one organic world. They are all E-class bodies.

  • Gael (Subhabitable)
  • Tellumo (Subhabitable)
  • Hadrian (Organic)


  • Kiro is an analogue of the star Epsilon Eridani

Visual Diagram (Galileo's Planet Pack)