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Korlon is a K-type (orange) subgiant type star nearing the end of its life. The star left the main sequence millions of years ago and has swelled up to multiple times its original size, while losing mass and creating a bright planetary nebula at the same time.

In-Game Description

Often known as “the bright orange dot in the southern sky”, Korlon is an orange subdwarf (K spectral type) star. The star is reaching the very end of its life, and outer layers of the star are already beginning to drift off into the space around it in a colorful planetary nebula. Although the expanding star has destroyed many of its inner life supporting worlds, it has also given life to others. Definitely worth a visit just to see it up close.

Physical Characteristics

Korlon is a K-Type star, and also the most recognized star in the sky, no matter where you are in the KSS Universe. Korlon is one of the brightest stars in Kerbin's sky. A billion years ago, Korlon exited the main sequence star and started swelling up. A few million years ago, the outer shells of the star started to be released into interplanetary space, forming the first stages of the Korlon Planetary Nebula.


  • Korlon once hosted a stable solar system with a planet that was the home of the Precursors, a sentient alien species that existed millions of years before Kermanity.
  • Korlon's planetary system was destabilized after it reached the end of its main sequence.
  • Planets will be implemented in future versions of KSS.
  • Korlon started expanding rather early for a star of its size.