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The Kormin System is currently the smallest system in the Kermes Galaxy. It consists of Kormin, a brown dwarf (failed star), and its moons/planets.


The Kormin System was created from a rotating disk of dust and gas similar to the one that gave rise to the Kerbol System, but much smaller. The limited amount of hydrogen and helium in the protoplanetary disk meant that the central protostar did not have enough mass to achieve fusion, creating the L class brown dwarf we see today.The leftover material in the disk, mainly carbon and hydrogen, coalesced to form Tide, a carbon planet covered with hydrocarbon oceans, along with Ves, a small asteroid, and Nae, a now dead hydrocarbon world. The system hasn't changed too much since then, but Kormin is slowly cooling down over the course of millions of years. Eventually, it will cool sufficiently for Tide's hydrocarbon seas to freeze over, just as Nae's seas have long ago.


Kormin is a brown dwarf. As a result, the habitable zone for planets in this system is extremely close to the parent "star", causing tidal locking and large radiation exposure on the dwarf planet Ves, and the planets Tide and Nae.

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  • Since Kormin is considered a brown dwarf, which is the borderline between planet and star, Tide, Nae and Ves can also be referred to as moons of Kormin