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Minmus is a comet in the Kerbol System, like Kirnel. Unlike Kirnel, Minmus has a longer year, thus giving it more time before it runs out of volatile material. Minmus had always been described as having the taste of minty ice-cream, but some other flavors have popped up as well, such as that of a burnt mint marshmallow.

In-game Description

"Scientists now know that Minmus is a dirty, icy comet that orbits Kerbol on a long, eccentric path. But when it was first discovered by famous astronomer Kalley Kerman, many believed that Minmus was actually a second moon of Kerbin. This was quickly corrected when astronomers realized Minmus was too far away for that claim to be true. Some kerbals still think that Minmus is made out of minty ice cream, however, and the Kerbal Astronomical Society won’t be bothered to correct them."

Physical Characteristics

Minmus is one of 3 comets in KSS, along with Kirnel and Chur. It is a dirty iceball orbiting Kerbol in a period of about 75 years. Minmus is mostly made of ice, with salts giving it a blue color. However, due to frequent passes around Kerbol, the higher regions of Minmus have lost the volatile ice, exposing a rockier core underneath. Minmus is known for having steep cliffs along with flatter plateaus and valleys, giving it many nooks and crannies for a spacecraft to hide from the blasting heat it gets every time it orbits.


  • Flats
  • Lowlands
  • Midlands
  • Highlands
  • Poles

Minmus Biome.png


Minmus and its tail, being viewed by a kerbal on Kerbin

Minmus 0.8.2


  • Minmus is based off of the real life comet Halley.
  • Minmus is one of 3 comets in KSS