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Naith is the farthest dwarf planet in the Kerbol System. Being nearly as large as Kel, Naith is the second largest Trans-Naalian object.

In-game Description

"While searching for a hypothetical planet-sized object that was predicted to exist in the outer edge of the Kerbol System (later discovered to be Hypat, the ninth planet), Kerbal astronomers discovered Naith, a cold and lonely dwarf planet orbiting beyond the orbit of Kel. The Kerbal Astronomical Society was disappointed though, since Naith is small enough to be classified as a dwarf planet and therefore not large enough to be the predicted mass of the object they were looking for."

Physical Characteristics

Naith is known as "the dwarf planet that isn't Kel". Of course, those who refer to Naith that way are very correct, as Naith is very different from Kel in its surface composition and geographic features. Without a big moon to drive tidal forces like Char, Naith's geologic features are overall more uniform. Most of Naith's surface is covered in water ice and methane, with cracks and craters dotting the region. Mountains and ridges can also be found, bit aren't as varied as Kel's. Due to a lack of tholins, Naith is one of the only Trans-Naalian objects which doesn't have a reddish hue.