Kerbal Star Systems Wiki

Neragel is a pulsar orbiting N-1.

In-game Description

"Neragel is a more active type of neutron star referred to as a pulsar orbiting far from N-1. These stars are highly magnetized, meaning they have large magnetic influences. Neragel also emits a pretty cool, pretty deadly beam of radiation you don’t want to get your craft caught into."

Physical Characteristics

Neragel is a pulsar, which is essentially a neutron star that is spinning incredibly fast. Neutron stars themselves are born when a large star dies and goes supernova. The star that died birthing Neragel is long gone, as is its nebula it left behind, but Neragel still stands as a memorial to its predecessor, meaning that it could be several billions of years old. It's extremely radioactive, and being hit with one of the pulsar beams could result in instant cancerous growth or death. It's recommended to observe Neragel from a distance, preferably from the safety of one of the planets nearby, to avoid the risk of painful death. Neragel, in addition, orbits far away from N-1, a large black hole in the Nova Arm. While far enough away to not disturb the planets around it, it still gives off radiation, making the non-atmospheric worlds rather sterile.