(The Nessus System is currently the Kelar System as of 0.7.2).

The Nessus System is a quadruple star system, the most stars in a single system in the Kermes Cluster.


The Nessus System contains one early F-type, one mid K-type, and two M-type stars. It is the only quadruple star system known to exist in the Kermes Cluster.



List of Bodies

Nessus I

Habitable Worlds

  • Ilo (Super-habitable)

Visual Diagram

Nessus III



  • The Nessus System is based off of the real life system 30 Arietis. To keep the system more interesting., Nessus II got a wider orbit around it's primary. Unlike in real life, where the 2 stars orbit very close to each other.
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