Novus is a habitable rogue planet in the Nova Arm.

In-game Description Edit

"Years ago, scientists observed a large rocky world in an orbit directly around The All. They figured it was frozen and barren until close observations revealed that this world was actually habitable, with teeming ecosystems on the surface and in its seas. This, along with its satellite, is compelling evidence of the Precursor theory, an advanced species existing long before kerbals existing within the local area."

Physical Characteristics Edit

Needs more scientific evidence.

Biomes Edit

Novus Biome
  • Ocean
  • Inland Water
  • Tropical Rings
  • Temperate Rings
  • Tundra Rings
  • Savannah Rings
  • Steppe Rings
  • Desert Rings
  • Tundra
  • Polar Rings
  • Polar Seas
  • Shores

Gallery Edit

Novus Sunset

A sunset on the surface of Novus

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