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Oran is the 7th planet from Kerbol and the first ice giant from it. It was the first planet to be discovered by non-ancient Kerbals.

In-game Description

"Kerbalkind first discovered Oran when kerbal astronomers saw what seemed to be a small pink smudge on their advanced optical telescope lenses. After numerous attempts to wash that annoying smudge off the giant lens of the telescope, the scientists finally gave up scrubbing and accepted that they had discovered a new planet by accident. Up close, Oran’s red, pink, and white clouds are very nice to look at, and it’s system of moons always makes mission planners eager to visit."

Physical Characteristics

Oran is an ice giant, meaning that it contains larger amounts of heavy chemicals such as methane and water, leading to a higher density than the gas giants.


Oran is pink due to a small amount of iodine in its atmosphere. It is likely that the methane clouds are below the higher iodine clouds.

Orbit and Rotation

Oran orbits Kerbol at about twice the distance that Voon does, and four times farther out than Jool. Like many gaseous planets, Oran's rotation is fast compared to a rocky body like Kerbin.

History and Observation

Oran was one of the more recently discovered planets. It was discovered by Herschel Kerman, an astronomer, in the year 3309.


Oran has 6 known moons. 5 of them are known to be spherical moons.

In order of semimajor axis: