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Kerbal Star Systems adds a collection of 125+ celestial objects to the stellar neighborhood of Kerbol, spread over a group of 15+ star systems, 125+ celestial bodies, and several exotic objects known together as "The Kermes Galaxy" (sometimes referred to as the K64 Cluster). The entire star cluster gravitationally revolves around a distant celestial object known as The All.

The Kermes Galaxy is split into 3 distinct regions: the Kelios Arm, the Nova Arm, and The Nexus


The Kelios Arm

The Kelios Arm is the arm of the Kermes Galaxy that Kerbol and Kerbin are located in. It consists of all the near star systems and will likely be the first of the two arms to be fully explored.

Nova Arm

The Nova Arm is the arm of stars on the opposite side of The All from Kerbol. It is generally regarded as a final destination for expert travelers.

The Nexus

The Nexus is the area at the center of the Kermes Galaxy. It is a generally empty area due to Karkua's influence. Currently there are only 3 bodies that are a part of the Nexus.

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  • The Kermes Galaxy is regarded as a small Sc galaxy, or a spiral galaxy with loosely bound arms.